Access Corrections

Welcome to Cash Pay Today for Access Corrections, the secure way to send funds with CASH to your loved ones. Register today to make recipient deposits, probation & parole payments via a nationwide payment network of authorized retail locations.


IMPORTANT - PLEASE LET MANUAL ENTRY LOCATIONS KNOW YOU ARE MAKING A PAYMENT TO "ACCESS CORRECTIONS" and the STATE you are sending to unless you are using the barcode payment slip at our BLUE payment locations.

To use payment locations you MUST REGISTER yourself and the recipient(s) you would like to send money to BEFORE visiting a payment location. Also note that barcode payment slip or on phone image MUST be used at BLUE payment locations on the maps. To get a barcode payment slip or text image you can login to your existing account and click on your consumer ID to request an email PDF copy or text message with barcode image attached. You may also send a text to 502-410-3373 with your consumer ID to get it sent to your smartphone directly. All new registrations MUST choose email or text or you will not get the barcode you need at BLUE payment locations. ( Please note you MUST print the emailed PDF or have the phone we sent the barcode image to and bring one of those with you to the store to use these locations ).

See Terms & Conditions and Privacy pages for rules and what information we capture and how we use it. After you complete the registration you will be given a CONSUMER ID for each recipient you register. IMPORTANT - That SPECIFIC customer ID is used at payment locations to send money to that ONE recipient. If you register more than one recipient you will have more than one customer ID. You can log back into the system to lookup your customer ID(s) and to review money you have sent.

Payment locations are in every state and you can even send money while you are in Maine to someone as far away as California!